Olha Zadorozhna

Contact information:

Email: ozadorozhna(at)kozminski.edu.pl

GoogleScholar: @OlhaZadorozhna 

Twitter: @OlhaZadorozhna 

LinkedIn: @OlhaZadorozhna 

I am an Assistant Professor at the Economic Institute for Empirical Analysis at Kozminski University. I am also a researcher at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development, Poland. I have a Ph.D. degree from Bocconi University

My research interests lie at the intersection of political and financial economics. In particular, my main areas of expertise are governance, institutions, and resilience. Currently, I am working on several projects investigating urban governance, polarisation, sanctions, and economic and social resilience to crises such as the Russian war in Ukraine, Covid-19 pandemics, and climate change. Previously, I have been studying the resilience of financial markets as well as their reaction to armed conflicts and terrorism. I have been also studying the governance of the land market in Ukraine publishing on topics connected to clientelism and security of property rights for land. 

I am a founder and a host of Policy Implications Podcast

And I'm also a co-founder of the "New Dawn" initiative aimed at advocating EU membership for Ukraine and searching for best practices for the future reconstruction of the country.